About Us

Our ground volunteers

Angel Flight NZ pilots donate their time and all  of their aircraft costs, but we still need lots of other help. Car transportation for patients and carers, fundraising and running information booths at special events, schools and air shows are just a few ways our ground volunteers, who are affectionately known as ‘Earth Angels’, help out.

How is Angel Flight NZ Funded

Angel Flight NZ is funded by private donations. We rely entirely on donations from Individuals, Rotary, Service Clubs, Companies large and small and deceased estates.

Donations are used to pay for:

  • A Commercial Flight Fund so if we do not have a Pilot available we can pay to  transport very deserving  cases by a Airline Flight.
  • Limited uniforms for our Volunteer Earth Angels and Pilots.
  • Aeronautical Charts for our Pilots.
  • Our very modest administration costs.

We rely heavily on our Earth Angels to co-ordinate fundraising activity. We also receive some discounted services from various professional advisors and suppliers who are listed on our website. Click here to view our supporters.


Who is behind Angel Flight NZ?

Lance Weller, Angel Flight

Angel Flight NZ was founded on 23 November  2011 by retired businessman and pilot, Lance Weller, who has flown ten Angel Flight missions in Australia.

‘I have seen firsthand on all of these ten flights, how appreciative our patients were by reducing their previously stressful travel time down to just a few hours. On returning to New Zealand after being away for 43 years, I asked about the possibility of flying Angel Flights in New Zealand but was told the organisation didn’t exist.

Considering the time some people were  spending travelling for their medical care, it was disappointing  to me that they didn’t have the option of an Angel Flight as they do in Australia and USA.

Our goal is to improve lives, one flight at a time, by providing not just less stressful transportation, but also care and compassion’ says Lance.

Lance flew his Cirrus SR20G3 aircraft from Brisbane to New Zealand via Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands in January 2012 so he would have his own  aircraft in NZ to begin flying Angel Flights.

‘In our first few months I was assisted in establishing Angel Flight NZ by two Whangarei Businessmen, Wayne Hill of Hill Construction Ltd and John Shaw of Shaw Motorcycles  who were also Trustees of the Angel Flight NZ Charitable Trust at that time.

My hope and vision is that we can offer the people of New Zealand who are suffering ill health and often financial distress, the same travel assistance they would receive as if they were in Australia, Canada or the USA’ says Lance.

SITUATION AT   April 11 2017

  • 35,679 kilometres flown.
  • 5,287 km driven by Earth Angels.
  • $8,576 of Air Travel donated by Air New Zealand.
  • 109 Adults and 42 Children flown.
  • These figures exclude 22 Flights flown over two days by  AFNZ and AOPA NZ Pilots from Rangiora
  • to Kaikoura and return after the Earthquake in November 2016.. These flights flew the first Red Cross Team
  • into Kaikoura along with 450 kg of their freight.


      74  registered Pilots and Aircraft in Whangarei,North Shore,Whenuapai,Ardmore,Hamilton,Hastings,                 Gisborne,Fielding,Whakatane,Tauranga,Taupo,Gisborne,Wellington,Nelson,Christchurch,Ashburton,Queenstown,Wanakaa and Motueka.

  • Landing Fees waived at all Airports we fly to.
  • 87   Earth Angels mainly in Auckland but also in Whangarei, Whakatane,Wellington and Christchurch.
  • 6 Mission Coordinators.
  • Total Volunteer Team of 167 people ready to help people in more distant towns of New Zealand
  • Travel free by Air  to Major Hospitals for non urgent Medical  Appointments or Care.
  • We need more Earth Angels in Christchurch and Wellington/Paraparaumu.
  • We need more Pilots in Napier,New Plymouth, Paraparaumu and South Island.


1.Lance Weller.  Chairman Founder.Angel Flight NZ.Cirrus Pilot.IFR Rating.Married two children.

2.John Pringle.Regional Coordinator. Director of Abilities Group.Vountary business mentor.Retired Aircraft Engineer. 

    Owns small business in Telecommunications Sector. Married  3 Children.

3.James Turner.South Island Coordinator.Angel Flight NZ Pilot.IFR Rating.Flew Strikemaster & Skyhawk Jets in RNZAF.

   Joined Cathy Pacific as First Officer on A330 & A340 aircraft. Retired. Flies own Piper Comanche. Marrried one child.

Memorable moments:

Two appreciative passengers who have just arrived at North Shore Airfield (Auckland) from Kaitaia, on a 60 minute Angel Flight for a Medical appointment in Auckland. They are being welcomed by Mission Coordinator and Earth Angel  John Pringle.





.... and hovered over Selwyn Park School where Joseph’s classmates had formed the letters J.O.S.E.P.H in rows on the field to welcome him home. Click here to read full article (PDF).