Our pilots are all fully qualified and ready to fly Angel Flight missions across the country.

Before pilots undertake any Angel Flight they will be required to confirm that they hold

a) Current New Zealand Private Pilots Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence or Airline Transport Pilot Licence
b) Current Medical Certificate
c) Current Biennial Flight Review (BFR)

Pilots must adhere to all Civil Aviation Authority regulations at all times.

All of our Pilots have a current Biennial Flight Review for a 4+ seat aircraft and at least 250 hours as Pilot In Command.

They must have flown a minimum of 50 hours in the last 12 months and 25 hours in the last 6 months, unless they have passed a Biannual Flight Review (BFR) in the last 12 months.

Pilot training is a rigorous and demanding process. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) prescribes the training required and it can only be provided by CAA approved flight schools.

They can then fly anyone they choose, anywhere in New Zealand provided they comply with CAA regulations at all times.

A BFR is conducted by a CAA approved instructor who must carry out the CAA BFR List of Prescribed tasks to the satisfaction of the instructor.