Angel Flight is a registered New Zealand charity comprising over 150 private aircraft owners and ground support volunteers.

We offer free flights to Patients/Primary Passengers and caregivers to get to medical facilities. We help those who need to travel long distances for non-urgent medical treatment but don’t qualify for the Air Ambulance service and for whom ground transport would create financial hardship,  is unavailable or would be stressful.

We are nationwide, so can help carry Patients/Primary Passengers throughout New Zealand.

With 75  pilots flying out of 20 locations, we can fly you to any specialist facility you need.

All our volunteer Pilots exceed the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority for private flying in New Zealand.

The Angel Flight service is available to anyone who is referred to us by a Healthcare Professional – Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors, Salvation Army, Plunket Nurses and PHOs.

This approach has been successfully adopted in the USA, Canada, and Australia where thousands of people have benefited from this service.

Now Kiwis can do the same. 

Our ground volunteers – Earth Angels

Our volunteer drivers called Earth Angels meet every flight and drive people to and from their appointments.

They also take part in fundraising and running information booths at special events, schools and air shows.

How is Angel Flight New Zealand funded?

Angel Flight is funded by private donations as well as the voluntary time of our pilots and Earth Angels.

Who is behind Angel Flight New Zealand?

Angel Flight New Zealand was founded in November 2011 by pilot and retired businessman, Lance Weller.

Lance had flown ten Angel Flight missions in Australia and saw the opportunity to replicate the service in New Zealand.

‘I saw first-hand, how important it was for passengers to have travel time reduced to just a few hours.  That got me thinking that New Zealand should have its own Angel Flight service.’

Lance flew his Cirrus SR20G3 aircraft from Brisbane to New Zealand in January 2012.

With the help of two Whangarei Businessmen, Wayne Hill of Hill Construction Ltd and John Shaw of Shaw Motorcycles, Angel Flight New Zealand was established.

‘Our goal is to improve lives, one flight at a time, reducing the stress of transportation and providing care and compassion to passengers.’

‘My hope and vision is that we can offer all New Zealanders who are suffering ill health and often financial distress, the same travel assistance they would receive as if they were in Australia, Canada or the USA.’

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