Preparing for a Flight

Vital Information

In order for Angel Flight pilots to assist their passengers, it is important that those being flown meet Angel Flight NZ guidelines:

All passengers, other than babies and infants, must be able to enter and exit small light aircraft without pilot assistance. They must also be able to sit up in the plane with a seatbelt on, and communicate with the pilot, if necessary.

Angel Flight NZ welcomes a friend or relative to accompany a patient to provide whatever support may be needed.

Note: Only those passengers approved to be flown by Angel Flight NZ are allowed on the flight. A pilot will refuse to carry unauthorised persons, as this impacts on weights, balance and space available on ongoing flights and transport provided by Earth Angels.

Preparing for an Angel Flight

Pilots using their own  private aircraft will fly you to your destination. The type of aircraft to be used on each flight will not be known in advance. Some light aircraft have the wings positioned above the body and you enter the aircraft in much the same way as you would a 4-wheel drive car. Other planes have a low wing that requires the passengers to climb onto the wing, and step down into the interior.

The type of aircraft used on your flight is not always known.  In either case, the space is limited, and as you prepare for your first flight there are some basic steps you should take to ensure the flight is as comfortable as possible for you.

Minimum baggage in soft bags

An accurate weight of passengers, baggage and all accompanying equipment must be known by the pilot to allow for correct balance of the aircraft.

Weight limitations and limited cabin space are common. Please plan carefully so as to limit your baggage to only the absolute essentials.

Please pack what you need in soft sports type bags that can easily be secured and squeezed behind seats, as your belongings will often be carried with you in the cabin. Hard suitcases with sharp corners must be avoided.

Comfortable Clothing

The interior of small aircraft is similar to being inside a family car and therefore you are advised to wear comfortable clothing for your flight. Because it can get quite chilly in small planes, it is recommended that you carry a light jumper. It is also suggested that all passengers consider wearing trousers as entering and exiting some aircraft can be quite challenging,

Sturdy Shoes

Flying is a very safe way to travel, and incidents are rare, but some simple precautions should be taken to ensure your safety. In the unlikely case of you being asked to leave the aircraft in a hurry, footwear such as thongs or high heels would be a hindrance to you; therefore comfortable fitted shoes are essential.

Paperwork for flight

In the week before you travel, your Angel Flight NZ co-ordinator will have briefed you on the details and timings of your flights. The Co-ordinator will also email all the details directly to you and/or to your Health Professional. Please bring this paperwork with you on the aircraft as it contains the names, addresses and telephone numbers necessary for your trip.

Paperwork for hospitals and appointments

In the busy period preparing for your flight it is often easy to overlook essential items such as x-rays, medical assessments, referrals and doctors’ letters to your specialist. Please ensure you have these with you.

Mobile phone and charger

It is often the case that arrangements for your flight may have to be altered at the last moment due to varying local conditions. The weather is not always as predicted, or road traffic is busier than usual, or your appointment has been rearranged. In all such cases, many people need to be informed of the changes and new arrangements made. Please take a mobile phone with you, ensure it is switched on, that the message bank is not full, and if you are away for several days please take your phone charger with you.

Strollers are best

A major item for parents with a sick child is often a pram. Large non-folding prams cannot be carried due to space restrictions, but a small collapsible stroller is OK. If your circumstances are such that you may be undertaking several Angel flights, perhaps borrowing or purchasing a collapsible stroller would be the answer.

Children’ Car Seats

The rules that apply for the safe restraint of an infant or child in a car also apply in an aircraft. Parents must provide their car seat or baby capsule so that babies and infants can be carried safely. Upon arrival at your destination, your car seat will be transferred to the Earth Angel’s car so that they can safely and legally transport you to and from your appointments.

Checklist to help us help you

  • …… Minimum baggage in soft sports type bags
  • …… Comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes
  • …… Paperwork for flight
  • …… Documents for hospital and appointments
  • …… Mobile phone and charger
  • …… Collapsible lightweight stroller instead of a pram
  • …… Car seats for infants/children for use in plane and car

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