Healthcare Professionals

The objective of AFNZ is to provide free flights to adults and children who have a medical condition that will make a journey by road difficult and stressful. Your patient may need an appointment with a specialist or doctor at a hospital a considerable distance from their home. Or your patient may need to travel to a distant hospital to receive cancer treatment.

AFNZ flights are flown by volunteer pilots in their own aircraft. These pilots must be pre-registered with AFNZ as we require them to have higher levels of flight experience than is required by CAA.

AFNZ requires all passengers to sign a waiver of liability before the flight. Each patient must be able to enter and leave a small aircraft with minor assistance only. We do not accept flight requests from patients direct, as we require their Healthcare Professional to confirm their condition allows them to travel in a small aircraft.

As most of the aircraft used for a Angel Flight are 4 seat aircraft there is a weight limit of 95kg per passenger.

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