As we do not seek or receive funding from Government, we need to raise funds so that we can provide Flights and Earth Angel ground transport at no cost to patients with a medical condition that qualifies to use our services.

Our Trust Deed clearly specifies that no Trustee or Board Member of Angel Flights NZ (AFNZ) can be paid for their time when working for AFNZ. Our Chairman/Founder and Board Members are unpaid volunteers as are our Pilots and our Earth Angels.

AFNZ is a  Charitable Trust.  We were granted  full Registration status under the  Charities Act 2005 on  

19 June 2012. Registration Number  CC47808

Our Certificate of Incorporation number is 2555319. You can view our Trust Deed at no charge online at Each year we are required to lodge a Form 4 Annual Return for a Charitable Entity along with our Annual Accounts. On our website each year you will be able to see our Annual Report.

Our first Annual Report will be for the Year to 31/03/2013 was lodged with Charities Commission on 21/04/2013

We can now receive Donations.

As we are a Registered Charitable Entity your donations can be claimed as a Tax Deduction.

Donations can be made to:

Angel Flight NZ Westpac Bank Account.
03  0498 077 3237 000

Please send your contact details by email to so we can acknowledge your donation.

We will not contact you at any future time requesting another donation.

Donations are used to pay for:

  • A Commercial Flight fund so if we do not have a Pilot available we can pay to transport very deserving cases by a Airline Flight.
  • Limited uniforms for our Volunteer Earth Angels and Pilots.
  • Aeronautical Charts for our Pilots.
  • Our very modest adminstration costs.

We rely heavily on our Earth Angels to co-ordinate fundraising activity. We also receive ‘no charge’ or discounted services from various professional advisors and suppliers who are list on our website. Angel Flight NZ is a Charity that does not have a fundraising department.



Rotary Club of Whangarei donated $10,000 in 2012.

December 2012: Bruce and Ruth Reynolds presenting Lance from Angel Flight NZ with cheque for $2,000 on behalf of Wayne Reynolds Trust.


January 2013: Kent Patterson of Pattershall Oil Limited donated $2,000 of discounts on Aviation oil. Many Thanks.