About Our Pilots

The training of private pilots, even though it is conducted on a part time basis, is still a rigorous and demanding process.

Many potential pilots ‘fall by the wayside’ and only the most determined and successful trainees pass the various written exams and flight tests. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) prescribes the training required and it can only be provided by CAA approved flight schools.

On being awarded a PPL – a Private Pilots License, a pilot is allowed to fly (an aircraft for which he has a Type rating) as a Pilot in Command (PIC). He/She can then fly anyone they choose, anywhere in New Zealand provided they comply with CAA regulations at all times. So a pilot with only say 20 hours PIC can fly anywhere with anybody.

Angel Flight NZ has  based its qualifications to be an AFNZ Pilot on the tried and proven requirements specified by Angel Flight Australia where 2,400 pilots have flown over 11,800 flights (missions).

  1. Must have a minimum 250hrs PIC time (this would take the average pilot 3-5 years).
  2. They must have flown a minimum of 50 hours in the last 12 months and 25 hours in the last 6 months, unless they have passed a Biannual Flight Review (BFR) in the last 12 months.
  3. They must have passed a BFR in the last 24 months. A BFR is conducted by a CAA approved instructor who must carry out the CAA BFR List of Prescribed tasks to the satisfaction of the instructor.
  4. Pilots must adhere to all CAA regulations at all times.
  5. The overriding rule on every flight is ‘safety above everything else’. A pilot may need to cancel a flight right up to the time of departure if he believes an aircraft or weather issue will make the flight unsafe. Cancellation of a flight for any reason will be seen as a demonstration of good judgement and will never be criticized.
  6. Before pilots undertake any Angel Flight they will be required to confirm that they hold
    a) Current NZ PPL or CPL or ATPL
    b) Current Medical Certificate
    c) Current Biannual Flight Review (BFR)